Cocaine Dynamite

writer, rapper, Broke As fuck


Am I a narcissist?

Do I have the confidence of a drunk ryan gosling at a Ryan gosling tribute party filled with desperate women in their late 30s?

Letting go

Letting go of exes is like deleting text messages that meant something.
It’s impossible to delete them because that would run the risk of forgetting the feeling they gave you
But the cold truth of it is eventually those text messages won’t mean a thing
Because you kept reading them over and over again until you know every word, every break in thought.
The text is pointless. Now
But we hold on anyway.
4 years and I still think about my exes. I can’t forget her I’ve tried.
I keep coming across her messages on a screen at night.

Sometimes I forget

Sometimes I’m hit by a mountain so hard it takes my breath away and crushes me. That’s me missing her. As I do now.